About Us

A & AB Realtors Ltd is a leading brand in the African real estate sector.

The Group’s main objective is to empower property investors. It has a number of flourishing Strategic Business partners, these include Fretap Developers, FTP Contractors and Phagwack Investment.

It is rightly living up to its mission, which is to create an environment that positively transforms its customers and all its stakeholders through offering state of the art products and services.

Our products are Tatu City & Oaklands products, which are particularly enhanced to suit immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes and Industrial Purposes. The Rental product is Fretap Apartments, which are particularly enhanced to suit for rental residential settlement. Emerald Green Heights, which are particularly enhanced to suit for home Owners.


To help you get the property of your dreams.


To be the foundation in making your Dreams a reality


• To help Kenya achieve its 2030 vision by providing Kenyans with affordable real estate products

• To link up home owners and developers with the market. CORE VALUES A & AB Realtors thrives on:

• Honesty

• Customer Obsession

• Professionalism

• Innovation These Values drive the company culture which supports strategy for success.